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Fanning the Flames
by Dave Fanning

Dave Fanning had a 35 year career as a fire fighter in Liverpool, England and went on to develop a successful fire safety consultancy serving businesses acorss the UK.

Starting as a young cadet at a time when fire fighting equipment had changed little from that of the Victorian era, Dave rose to his own station command in Toxteth following the first ever street riots in Britain and to develop the Fire Training Centre offering training to companies through the Fire Service.

Dave stories are funny, heart-breaking, and full of valuable lessons for anyone leading people.

Above all, this is a great read: a book that reveals the character of the man. It is an adventure from page to page, and marked by characteristic dry Liverpool humour.

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Growing a business is never easy. A fast growing business brings unexpected challenges.

'Shrapnel Free Explosive Growth' guides you through examples and diagnostics to be your own business analyst to design workable structures that will foster growth and minimise costly errors. Buy it here


Within 'Shrapnel Free' there a wide number of great quotes - not your usual collection!

This quirky little book of Business Quotations lists the quote, together with captivating Victorian line art - and gives some insight into the background and philosophy of the person whose words are quoted.

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The art of letting go

When the author decided to have a month with no plan in the countryside of Cuba, she had no idea how this would stimulate fresh review of an interesting, but challenging life.

Dedicated to all those who risk losing their dreams, this book gives a refreshing positive perspective on death, grief and loss. It is also full of delightful asides and some very funny stories.

'The Cuban Approach' is a way of letting go of the past and living each day to its fullest. Buy it here


This delightful little gift book of quotations is indeed true to its title: Quotations from a thoughtful traveller'.

With retro and Victorian line art to complement each quotation, there is a short cameo of the background and philosophy of the author of each quote.

A perfect gift book for anyone who loves to travel - even if the travel is from an armchair.

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How to refocus your business
for a post-pandemic world

For all types of organisation, this informative book is an essential guide to preparing for doing business in a post- pandemic world.

During the long first lockdown in England, the author realised that when we emerged, nothing would sit in the same relationship as it did to other things before. Those other things include their own team, the way they work, their customers, their supply chains, and their professional service providers who enable their business.

From her extensive business library, author Paquita Lamacraft draws thought- provoking points and quotes from these books to prompt a rethink of your whole organisation and the value it offers.

Witty, full of case studies and with links to useful web-based information, this should be every leader's first call as they refocus to the future.

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Bibliography: The books used in SWIVEL

These are the 60 books from which I drew direct analogies, ideas, quotations, and perspectives in my Swivel to develop a handbook for going into a future we cannot yet fully envisage.Each lives in my library and perhaps has wider usefulness to your company than that which I have extracted for this book.

What I find truly amazing is how often and how precisely many of these authors warned of the events that we have unfolding in accompaniment to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The necessity to change the value system has been clearly heralded.

The impacts on business, our communities and on our very lifestyles have been clearly stated.

Our unwillingness to head cautions found in these books, that were published as far back as 1958 has finally caught up with the world at its most vulnerable moments.

As we go forward in our company plan for a post-pandemic world, we do well to factor into it the warning of Nassim Nicholas Taleb in ‘Fooled by Randomness’:

It doesn’t matter how frequently something succeeds  if failure is too costly to bear.

Albrecht, Karl, Albrecht, W. Steve:
The Creative Corporation

Anderson, Chris: The Long Tail; The Longer Tail  

Anderson, James C Kumar, Nirmalya Narus, James:Value Merchants

Becker,Elizabeth: Overbooked

Bossamaier, Terry & Green, David: Patterns in the Sand

Bryan, Lowell and Joyce, Claudia: Mobilizing Minds

Chu, Chin-Ning: Thick Face, Black Heart

De Bono, Edward:New Think; Textbook of Wisdom

 Davis, Stan: Future Perfect

 De Pree, Max: Leadership is an art

DeMarco, M.J.:Unscripted

Drucker,  Peter:Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Managing in turbulent times; The new realities    

Fanning, Dave: Fanning the flames

Fabun, Don: The Dynamics of Change

Florida, Richard: The New Urban Crisis; The Rise of the Creative Class; The Flight of the Creative Class; The Great Reset      

Friedman, Thomas: The Lexus and the Olive Tree

Fried, Jason, Heinemeier Hansson, David Gershamn, Michael Gladwell, Malcolm: Rework

Gershman, Michael: Getting it right the second time

Gladwell, Malcolm: Blink; The Tipping Point;Outliers

Gleick, James:Faster

Hawken, Paul: The Next Economy

Horowittz, Ben: The Hard Thing About Hard Things

Jay, Antony (Sir): Management and Machievelli

Joachemsthaler,Erich: Hidden in Palin Sight

Kahneman, Daniel: Thinking Fast and Slow

Kani, Michael, J.:Trigger Points

Kotter, John: Our Iceberg is Melting

McGill, Michael: A force for change; American Business and the Quick Fix

Mandelbrot, Benoit: The (mis)Behavaviour of Markets

Maeda, John: The Laws of Simplicity

Mele, Nicco: The End of Big

Ohmae, Kenichi: The Borderless World; The Miond of the Strategist

Peters, Tom: The Circle of Innovation; Thriving on Chaos

Postrel, Virginia: The Substance of Style

Saadia, Manu: Trekonomics

Shirley, Clay: Cognitive Surplus

Schumacher, E.F.: Small is beautiful

Sullivan, Gordon R (General); Harper, Michael V.(Colonel) : Hope is Not a Method

Taleb,Nassim Nicholas: Antifragile; Balck Swan; Fooled by Randomness

Thouless, Robert H.: Straight and Crokked Thinking

Toffler, Alvin: The Adaptive Corporation; Previews and Premises

Weinberger, David: Everything is Miscellaneous

Zook, Chris: Unstoppable

Additional articles that expand or underline the points in Swivel  

Preparing for the Post-Pandemic World How the best CEOs are taking three actions to retool for the new normal. April 6th 2020 James Allen – Bain & Company  

Reimagining the post-pandemic organization 15th May, 2020 Gemma D’Auria (Dubai)’ Aaron De Smet (Houston), Chris Gagnon (Austin), Julie Goran (NY) Dana Maeor (Tel Aviv), & Richard Steele (NY)  

COVID-19 and pandemic planning: How companies should respond EY Global 19th March 2020  

Harvard Business Review: Preparing Your Business for a Post-Pandemic World Carsten Lund Pedersen and Thomas Ritter 10th April 2020